How to Find the Best Ruby Developers for Outsourcing in 2023

The Ruby outsourcing challenge is a well-known question for many entrepreneurs worldwide. The lack of specialists that are able to develop a high-level Ruby solution, along with high prices for such a kind of service, forced the USA and Western European companies to outsource their products to Eastern Europe and India. Outsourcing is really attractive and convenient: companies hire developers or whole teams, pay a reasonable price and get a perfect product that meets their requirements and expectations. But as always, it is not so easy to implement. And the first step towards the successful fulfillment of the Ruby development mission is hiring the right employees.

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Why is Ruby so popular?

Ruby is one of the most popular programming languages for the development of web projects. No matter what project it is for, a great enterprise or uprising startup, Ruby can handle all of the issues. It has powerful capabilities for tasks related to the development of websites, games, or apps, prototyping, administration, etc. NASA, Motorola, and many other industry leaders use Ruby to empower their businesses. Additionally, such services as Twitter, Airbnb, and Slideshare are written in the Ruby on Rails open-source framework.

There are 2 main reasons why software developers love Ruby:

  • It is simple and readable,
  • It allows for speedy development and simple deployment.

Here are also several statistics that will show you that Ruby is not only a popular programming language but also in high demand among software development companies.

The point is only to find a person that knows what it means to code well and is responsible and communicative. We prepared some tips for your better understanding of how to find the best Ruby developers.

What are the types of Ruby developers based on experience?

There are three types of Ruby developers based on experience: junior, middle, and senior. In the table below, we will explore what skills each type should have, how independent they are, and how many years of experience each of them has.

Types of developersYears of experienceSkill stackIndependency
Junior Ruby Developer0-2 yearsBasic knowledge of Ruby syntax, object-oriented programming principles, and common Ruby libraries like Ruby on Rails.Needs guidance from a senior developer or team lead and relies heavily on documentation and tutorials.
Middle Ruby Developer2-5 yearsStrong proficiency in Ruby and related technologies, including advanced Ruby on Rails techniques, database design, and API development.Can work independently on projects of moderate complexity but may still require some guidance on more complex tasks.
Senior Ruby Developer5+ yearsDeep knowledge of Ruby and related technologies, the latest trends, and best practices. Strong proficiency in software architecture and design, system administration, and DevOps tools and techniques.Can work independently on complex projects and may take a leadership role in guiding other developers.

How much does it cost to hire a Ruby developer?

According to Indeed, for example, the average Ruby developer salary in San Francisco is around $150K. However, the annual wage of Ruby developers in other countries is a bit different as it depends on many factors. For example, it can vary based on the living costs of the country, the developers’ experience level, and employment type, which can impact their earnings in different ways.

Average Ruby developer salary based on experience

The average Ruby developer salary varies on many factors. One of these is the experience of the developer. Here, let’s see what Ruby engineers can make based on how many years of expertise they have.

ExperienceAverage developer salary, $
Junior Ruby developer salary$97,000
Middle Ruby developer salary$125,000
Senior Ruby developer salary$171,000


Average Ruby developer salary based on region

Another thing to take into consideration is the geography of the developers. It is known that the highest average wages are in North America and Western Europe. Some other regions that have become more popular as outsourcing destinations are Eastern Europe and Latin America due to a vast pool of tech talent. So, let’s explore the average salaries of Ruby developers in different parts of the world.

Average Ruby developer salary in North and South America

According to Indeed and Glassdoor, the average salary of Ruby engineers in the United States is about $129K. Thus, it is the highest salary in the region. The next highest salaries in the region are in Canada and Latin America.

Speaking of LatAm, it is quite a popular destination for American businesses. All this is due to a slight difference in time, culture, and the availability of a pool of experienced developers who are proficient in popular technologies. The table below shows how the average Ruby developer salary differs in different countries of the region.

CountryJunior Ruby developer salary, $Middle Ruby developer salary, $Senior Ruby developer salary, $
The US$97,000$125,000$171,000
Costa Rica$26,000$49,000$74,000

Source: Glassdoor, Indeed, SalaryExpert

Average Ruby developer salary in Europe

The average Ruby developer salary highly depends on the country you look at. For example, the highest salaries in the region are in the UK—$69K, in Germany—$75K, and in France—$58K. In contrast, the lowest salaries are in Eastern Europe, more specifically, Poland—$46K and Ukraine—$40K.

CountryJunior Ruby developer salary, $Middle Ruby developer salary, $Senior Ruby developer salary, $
The UK$44,000$65,000$97,000

Source: Glassdoor, SalaryExpert

What are the different options of hiring Ruby developers

After exploring the average annual salary of Ruby developers across the world, it is good to discuss what types of hiring options you have. There are several ways you can get your ideal candidate based on geography and employment type. In the table below, we will talk about the types of hiring models, what they are, and their pros and cons.

Hiring TypesDefinitionProsCons
Local TalentHiring from the local pool of talents.Same time zone; Access to the local talent; Easy team management. Opportunity to build a co-located team.Limited pool of talents; May not find the right candidate with the required skills.
Nearshore & Offshore DevelopersHiring from a distance, either nearshore or offshore.Access to a larger pool of talents; Can select development companies with great reviews and ratings.Time zone differences; Communication barriers; Difficulties in ensuring quality work.
Staff AugmentationHiring devs from a dev shop and who are managed by the hiring company while being officially employed by the dev agency.Easy scalability of software development resources; Access to top-tier software developers with no limit to local market.More complicated team structure and management; May have difficulties with the onboarding process (it typically takes less time than for in-house employees)
FreelancingHiring a freelancer for a quick software task through platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal.Affordable hiring solution; Access to a global pool of talents.Unsafe solution due to possible delays and project cancellations; Lower quality of work.
OutsourcingHiring from an outsourcing company as an affordable alternative to in-house development.Access to numerous developers and dev teams; Cost-effective solution.Lack of control over the outsourced developer’s work; Time zone differences; Communication barriers.

Hiring a Ruby specialist: 4 questions that need to be answered

Most of the companies that think about outsourcing Ruby development face 4 main questions. The expertise answers to these questions provide great help to entrepreneurs and make outsourcing a piece of cake.

  • What are Ruby developers responsible for?

The very first step to hiring the right person is building an accurate image of what actually this expert can do for your project.  

Task 1. New features development

Whether you need a website built from scratch or just a couple of new features added, real Ruby dev can do this for you.

Task 2. Making sure the idea works

Implementation of new features is never enough if they work wrong. Ruby professional is able not only to write a line of code but also to test it properly and make sure that everything works.

Task 2. Taking care of UX

An experienced Ruby developer can easily get your website user experience to a brand new level. By making it smooth and seamless they make an amazing contribution to your website improvement.

  • Where to find skilled Ruby developers?

As Ruby/Rails is an open-source technology, it gathered a large community of contributors. These guys visit the Ruby on Rails Talk forum, Ruby forum, Meta Ruby, or many other dedicated resources to discuss news, tendencies, and ideas. Communication and collaboration of the developers make Ruby even more powerful.

Of course, Stack Overflow doesn’t dispense without the Ruby community. The statistics even show that the tag #rubyonrails is the most frequently used one. You may also read a guide to finding a Ruby developer on StackOverflow.

Lots of Ruby beginners spend time at Code School or Skillshare. But hiring a beginner can be tricky: even if one has passed the tests and proven the knowledge, even if one’s work costs less in comparison to the experienced developer, there are still some risks. It is recommended to make sure that the tech team can help the newcomer in case of necessity and check one’s code.

Nowadays, lots of web platforms for hiring appear. Additionally, to freelance platforms, possibilities to hire whole teams or build cooperation with foreign development companies are more and more popular.

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  • What to pay attention to before offering a job?

Your final decision should be made after you have seen the developer’s resume, portfolio, code examples and conducted an interview with them. If you are a non-technical specialist, it’d be great if your company’s technical expert helped you handle this all.

  • How to engage a Ruby developer?

Lots of companies literally fight for skilled developers. So if you found and hired a specialist, do not let one go. Take into consideration such an important fact: software development takes time. If you are expecting a high-quality solution, give your development team some time and space.

Of course, the salary slightly higher than the market medium along with some pleasant benefits like insurance would add some points to your potential success.

Ruby engineers’ expertise: the US vs. Europe vs. Asia

To address these questions, we can rely on the survey by HackerRank. Based on this research, developers from countries like Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine have vast experience and outperform developers from the United States regarding IT proficiency.

Ukrainian developers displayed an impressive score of 88.7% across various tasks on HackerRank, placing Ukraine in the 11th position. In contrast, developers from the US ranked 28th, while Indian engineers secured the 31st spot.

To provide further insights, we have created a table comparing developers from the United States, Ukraine, and India based on such aspects as time convenience, skills rank, and English proficiency.

The USUkraineIndia
Time ConveniencePerfect for the US and EuropePerfect for Western European countries and the US. 

Big time differences with Australia.

Big time differences between European countries and the US. Suitable for Australia.
English ProficiencyNative Intermediate to High level of EnglishBasic to High level of English
Skills according to HackerRankRanked 28thRanked 11thRanked 31st

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The Bottom Line

The one who tries to find a good solution always finds it. The one who has the willingness to find a perfect development team would get the perfect software solution in the future. We believe that our brief description of Ruby developer’s role and short tips on what to pay attention to will be of great help to you in searching for skilled Ruby outsourcing experts.

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